We Won Two ADDY Awards!



First Up:

2016 Silver Addy for Local Television Commercial

Florida Recovery Group 'Go Karts'

We wanted to take a different approach than the rest of the treatment industry. Addiction is a serious issue, with very serious consequences – but it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom.  Getting sober is hard work, but a sober life can be a beautiful and wonderful thing for those in recovery.  So we took the opposite approach – real addicts and alcoholics in recovery having the time of their lives.  We love how it all turned out, and the American Advertising Federation did too.



2016 Silver Addy for Online Video Campaign

Budsies 'Two Moms' - Princess & Cow

Budsies 'Two Moms' - Butterfly & Blue Monster

Budsies 'Two Moms' - Elephant & Orange Monster

The artwork of children never ceases to amaze us.  Since partnering with Budsies several years back, we’ve had the pleasure of watching them grow and continue to think outside the box.  This was one of our favorite projects with them, where we got to pit two moms against each other in a contest for their children’s affection.  It was a great deal of fun to shoot and see it shared all across the web.  We’re glad the AAF liked it as much as we did.