We Are Rock Stars!

First off, welcome to our new blog.  We're pumped to share our latest and greatest project with you!

Brave Man Media just wrapped on an amazing web commercial shoot with The IT Advisors in sunny South Florida. We pulled out all the stops on this production... shooting at 8 locations (all the way from Miami to Port St. Lucie), including a multi-million dollar data center, a hospital, and an airport - helicopter and all!  We shot almost the entire commercial on Steadicam; as our Director of Photography, Mike McGowan, would tell you - those R.E.D. Epic Dragon cameras aren't exactly light. It does look slick though!

February 21, 2015_99-107.jpg
February 22, 2015_101-143.jpg

A big thank you to our stellar crew - from Production Assistants to Gaffer to our wonderful on-screen talent. We had an epic time and are excited to see how the video comes together. Keep your eyes peeled for the finished video and prepare to have your mind blown.

February 22, 2015_101-72.jpg
February 22, 2015_101-13.jpg

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