Michael Singer Studios - The Future of Public Design

At Brave Man Media we love what we do, and we want you to know about it.  We shoot music videos, TV commercials, web videos, help with companies’ brands and their products, and we have a blast doing it!  But we do more than that – we film for several charities, have made short films for after-school programs in Florida and several films for an orphanage in Haiti.  Because, sometimes you need a 30 Second Blockbuster and sometimes you need something else.  The wonderful thing is that everything we do informs everything else we do – the documentary on a massive art installation, like the new Terrazzo Floor in Ft Lauderdale Airport’s Terminal Three, introduced us to flying drones indoors and some of our short films with after-school programs, like Zombie Love, taught us about working with kids and FX Makeup.  And then sometimes, our work leads us to be introduced to really interesting people like the artist, Trevor Young, or the AIDS activist, David Furnish - Elton John’s Husband.

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Today, we want to talk to you about someone you may have never heard of, but who is, nevertheless, making a huge impact on our day to day lives.  Every once in a while, during your travels, you might have been exposed to a public artwork or a public building that has moved you.  Famous examples are the Battersea Power Station in London, immortalized in Pink Floyd’s iconic album cover for Animals or Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture in Philadelphia.

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These art works and public buildings were created by a unique group of people who are committed to making an impact on our environment – both mentally and physically.   They make us think and help make where we live a better place.  Recently we have been approached by Michael Singer Studios for the rare opportunity to capture the outstanding creative process that has given birth to some of the most impressive architectural projects in the last twenty years.  It was also a rare opportunity to spend time with Michael Singer himself, who is one of the most significant artists of the past 50 years.

Michael Singer Studios is a design, planning, and art studio that approach projects from the standpoints of environment, education, as well as social benefits and community interaction.  All projects handled by the studio are based on their four fundamental principles:

  • Site Specificity
  • Ecological Regeneration
  • Craft and Detail
  • Interdisciplinary Approach

Twenty years ago, most public works facilities and power plants were hidden from view – almost always built far from wealthy communities, with little regard for the poorer communities that ended up having to accommodate them.  Michael Singer Studios is on the forefront of the wave of incredibly talented designers and architects who are changing all of this.  They have completely flipped the script on design and environmental awareness.  Project by project, Michael Singer Studios is taking their ideas and principles to a city near you; taking things that are typically concrete and square, and turning them into useful, beautiful works of art, respecting the communities where they are located and making these projects more desirable for communities that, in the past, would have never allowed them to be built in their vicinity.

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Take for example the Phoenix Recycling Transfer Center.  What most people would think about as another piece of infrastructure was completely changed when Michael Singer Studios was chosen to lead the design process.  What the city of Phoenix got was a dynamic facility that is not only functional, but beautiful.  It was even chosen as one of the eight most important architectural projects of the year by the NY Times - and it was designed by an artist and his team. This facility has many creative accents including the use of skylights and mirrors to increase light in central areas, the removal of many support trusses to increase available space, and a unique viewing area for visitors.  The building became so monumental to the city of Phoenix that people needed a place to see what was going on inside. This facility (referred to as the 27th Avenue Project and even, sometimes, the Taj Mahal of Trash) was so interesting to the public, because of its fantastic design, that the city of Phoenix had to immediately upgrade their automatic sorting facility to keep up with the incredible increase of recyclable materials brought in by the community.  Who could have imagined that just by choosing the right design team for a building you could have such incredible impact on an area and the environment?

Talking about something a little closer to our Delray Beach studio is the West Palm Beach Waterfront Pavilion.  A LEED silver community building is incredibly unique.  It is home to green markets, conferences, weddings and other community events. The 6000 square foot building is powered entirely by a 17kW solar tile array. The building can be lit, and ventilated with no outside energy consumption. If you are interested in more of how this works, this unique site actually displays how much solar power is being used and consumed by the pavilion itself. Ideas and concepts like this give cities an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of their communities by giving them something they need and also something that will have a lasting impact on the environment.

Other amazing projects that the team at Michael Singer Studios has handled in West Palm Beach include:

  • West Palm Beach Waterfront
  • The Living Docks
  • Lake Worth Beach
  • The Palm Beach County Courthouse Security Barrier
  • and many more projects…

Having just returned from VT, our project with Michael Singer Studios is still in the editing room.  We can’t wait to share it with you and the world at large soon.  Stay tuned…