Marketing Video Company - Creating The Perfect Video For You

When you want to make a video to share on Facebook or YouTube having the right marketing video company can make all the difference. Whether it is serious or light-hearted, you want always want a mini Blockbuster that is going to be shared all over the internet. In this day and age there is no mistaking the fact that when it comes to viral videos there is nothing that can stop them. Although cats and sneezing pandas can help, knowing what makes one video go viral versus another is pretty much the video equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle.   One thing we do know is that if your video is not eye-catching from beginning to end you may as well send that sneezing panda straight back to China.

Our Inspiration

Speaking of videos with impact lets rewind back to about a decade ago and consider the very popular Mac vs. PC commercials which were a part of the Get a Mac campaign. These commercials had 66 different variations and spanned over 4 years (2006-2009).  These particular commercials were very successful because the marketing video company that created them used an excellent formula:

  • The ads were memorable
  • The ads were short
  • The ads had similar themes
  • The ads were highly targeted

Throughout the campaign the constants were the actors Justin Long as the laid back Mac who never has issues, and the often-frustrated Phil Morrison as the uptight PC. These ads were memorable because they followed a simple format of a white background and quickly addressed common PC user issues. Whether the marketing video company chose to poke fun at a new Apple innovation unavailable on PC or the ad featured a celebrity, they followed a similar theme targeting frustrated PC users.

Our Story

Fast-forward to a year ago when Alex Furmansky the CEO of a company called Budsies started looking for a marketing video company to make some unique fun content for him and his brand. Budsies is a company that brings children’s art to life by turning their drawing into a stuffed character that is customized to be just like their work of art. Truly a unique idea!

When he found our team at Brave Man Media he knew it would be a match since he wanted to do something creative and clever with his marketing. Alex and Brave Man Media chose to take inspiration from the Mac vs. PC commercials and created a series of videos that were unique, clever, and tailored to the target consumer.

Our Results

Not unlike the Mac vs. PC campaign our marketing video company shot the Budsies videos on a white background and featured the same actors and actresses in each video. In the videos for Budsies we chose to use two mom characters that both wanted to preserve their children's art. By using characters that represented the target market of parents who wanted to do something special for their children we were able to convey our message very concisely. The mom on the left who ultimately chooses to make her sons art into a Budsie is constantly interrupted by the other character who uses rudimentary methods to immortalize her daughters art with Coffee mugs, or mouse pads. Much like the Mac vs. PC commercials the mother on the right thinks she is doing something unique (like the PC) but is quickly one-upped by the mom who chooses to a far more clever solution (the Mac), the Budsie.

Our video marketing company also used other indicators to engage the viewer including:

  • Keeping the Budsies’Mom character relaxed
  • Portraying the "PC" mother as overbearing
  • Using bright colors for the Budsie and drawing
  • Having the “PC” Mom create something useless for her daughter

All of the indicators helped assist the viewer in digesting the video from beginning to end ultimately compelling the viewer to seek more information about Budsies.

As you may know any marketing video company could have made a video about Budsies, but the team at Budsies chose Brave Man Media because we have what it takes to make unique quality content! We do more than show you the product, we work to engage your viewer and provide you with a video that you and your customers cannot wait to share with their friends.

If you are looking for a high quality marketing video company then look no further than Brave Man Media the home of the 30 Second Blockbuster. Wanna talk about your video? Shoot us an email with some of the who, what, where, when and we can get together. No matter what you want we have the team to get it done. Go ahead and let us know what you want and lets get it done together.