WHY use ANIMAtioN?

Videos are the tool used the most in MOOCs. But sometimes even the best looking videos with genuinely interesting information can still lack the retention factor for a successful course. Adding animation can be engaging and dynamic - it helps hold interest and can also help a learner better memorize the material presented.

But you already know this or you wouldn’t be looking at our site! What makes us different, and why we feel we would be a great fit for you, is the level of creativity we bring to each project - providing exceptional viewer satisfaction with industry-leading turnaround and affordability. What keeps a viewer’s attention isn’t always as simple as production value.

looking for something different?

We take pride in our ability to collaborate with instructional designers to create great videos for courses that are appealing, informational, and most importantly - Engaging.

Our animations are creative and eye-catching, and get the material across in a memorable way - no matter the subject.